Designer Vibrations Work Environment

Many people are completely unaware that the spaces in which they live and work are vital to their wellbeing and success. Everything around us is vibration/energy and we are very sensitive to our environments even if we don’t realise it. When your environment isn’t set up for success, chances are you’re often struggling to get things done, failing to attract ideal clients and customers or feeling generally stuck and unmotivated.

That’s why it is essential to ensure that your office environment is set up to allow you to grow your business without blockages and encourage the flow of good chi.

The colours in your office, the art on the wall, the way the furniture is arranged, the items you display, the plants you choose – all have an effect on you that can factor in on how your business flourishes or fails.

When your space is disharmonious, so is your business.

 I have designed 3 packages to help you set up and organise your workspace so that it supports you and enables you to work efficiently to build wealth and success the easy way. Click through on each ‘Book Now’ button to find out further information on each package.


SkyRocket Your Business Wealth & Success
  • Remedy any Business (or Life) challenge using Alisse’s 10 X 10 X 10 Millionaire Feng Shui Strategy
  • Thorough pre-assessment of your Work Environment from supplied documents
  • 1 X 60 Minute Consultation (Skype, Zoom, Phone)
  • Alisse provides 10 Things To Do Over 10 Days Taking 10 Minutes to Action. Designed specifically to overcome your current challenge.
  • Recommendations consider numbers, colors, symbols, compass directions, images, furniture layout, décor, environmental flow etc.
  • Alisse’s assessment will be documented and supplied to client to follow directly.
  • Optional Audio Recording


Designer Vibrations VIP
  • This is the complete package designed for the business owner that wants to Feng Shui Design their Branding, Planning, Environment, Money Portfolio, Image and have a solid plan to maintain all the success achieved through this process – daily, monthly and annually.
  • This is a personal and business transformation for anyone wanting to take complete advantage of leading edge mind fitness mastery, esoteric wisdom strategies and savvy western business techniques that will shift everything you know so far about success, flow and ease in business. These are lifelong skills and techniques that will stay with you and influence your success state forever.
  • All Items Included in the Platinum Brand Package, the Gold Environment Package and the Silver Image Package.
  • Access to the full Designer Vibrations for Business program: Modules 1 through 8
  • 16 X 60 Min Coaching Sessions Over a 4 month Period (or the Equivalent in full or half day deep dives)
  • Full Access to me personally for In-Between Session Questions
  • A new understanding of everything business that will continue to pay you everyday for the rest of your life.