Are you confident around money or does the thought of having more than “enough” scare you? If you were shown a path to wealth, would you run down that path and embrace it or would you look around for a different path to travel down and avoid it?

Whether we are currently financially stable or just getting by, women have a very complex emotional relationship with money. Many of the facets of this relationship are fear based. For example, we may be consciously or subconsciously afraid that:

  • We don’t have enough money now
  • We won’t have enough in the future
  • We don’t deserve to have or make more money
  • We don’t have the skills/abilities to make a lot of money
  • We will lose the money we have accumulated at some point
  • The only way to get enough money is to “spend” all our time earning it
  • Wanting more money means we are greedy and materialistic
  • If we had lots of money, we would become selfish and horrid
  • If we start making more money than our spouse, he will feel like a failure
  • If we start making more money than our friends/family, they will resent us

That’s just 10 of the most common fears we have about money. These beliefs limit how much money we attract into our lives. You probably personally identify with at least 3-4 of those fears immediately. If you dig deeper, your personal habits may reveal that you secretly hold even more of these negative beliefs than you originally thought.

For example, do you find yourself not wearing your nicest jewelry around your family members because they might comment (in a subtly reproachful way) on how lavish it is? That’s an expression of a deep-seated fear that if you create wealth you will lose important relationships in your life.

How about the idea that you don’t deserve to make more money? You may think “Of course I deserve to make more than I do now.” But what do you feel inside at the thought of raising the price of your services by 10%? How about 20%? How about 100%? Forget for a moment about whether or not you believe right now that your client base would pay those prices.

At what point would you start feeling uncomfortable with how much you are charging? That’s the cutoff point where you are telling the Universe “Don’t send me clients who value my services above x number of dollars per hour.”

This isn’t saying you need to go out tomorrow and double your pricing. Raising your prices gradually is generally a better approach. It gives you time to start attracting a new client base to replace those who don’t value your services highly. However, you might start rethinking right now how much you really believe your services are worth on an energetic level.

Remember, money is a form of energy and payment is a form of energy exchange. If you are pouring your precious time, your boundless enthusiasm, and your sincere passion into what you offer your clients, your services are worth a great deal. This applies whether you are a dog trainer, a cosmetics saleswoman, a real estate agent, a fitness coach, etc.

As long as what you are offering comes from your heart and is in alignment with your Soul path, it is filling an important need for the clients you attract to your business – otherwise you wouldn’t feel drawn to doing it.

Imagine if you knew that you never need worry about making ends meet again..and all this knowing that you are living your life’s purpose.. the very thing that you KNOW you were put on this earth to do..

Well you can with my 90 Day Wealth and Money Mastery Program I’d love to show you how you can master your wealth in a way that is truly aligned to YOUR purpose and values.

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