Wednesday, 1st March 2017 marks the very special day where I officially launch my new book – Millionaire Feng Shui.

It’s been an exciting time for me and have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of support received. It really means a lot to me.

By the way, if you are reading this before midnight on 28th February, you can still claim my bonus – a personally signed copy of the book and free shipping on Australian orders.

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Many people asked me why I chose 1st March to launch my book when it was ready well before that date. Well, I have to say it was because it is a very auspicious date to launch and was part of my strategy plan. I always like to work with the tide of success!

Let me explain:

Firstly it is a 1 day … 1 representing new beginning and the pioneering of a new venture.

When you add up the total date it equals

1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 14 then

1 + 4 = 5

5 is a harvest number – it is the number of minimal output – maximum return. It is also the number of great change (which was the intention of the information shared in this book) as well as shared joy.

Within the book you will see that I bring many of my concepts back to the wisdom of the 5 elements. Fire – Earth – Metal – Water – Wood. We can learn so much from paying attention (being conscious) of the productive cycle of the earth – and how this applies to all success. So a 5 day was a good day.

As for the overall timing … I knew that the book would only launch well after the 27th of February. It was a total journey of the past 6 years. You see we are all aware of something called a Mid Life Crisis. Well when we understand the planets and how they impact on our Planetary Birth Chart placements, we can actually map out this middle life transition.

It begins with Pluto squaring, then Neptune squaring, somewhere within that time Saturn will oppose and so will Uranus … All of this is a dismantling of our life process. You see we are born in our truth and then we develop programming from all we are exposed to in our early life. We build an outer shell around ourselves which is called our False Self. Through our False Self we set up the first stage of our life – we are ambitious and forthright and we discover our natal giftedness.

Once we have in a sense mastered living reasonably successfully through our false self, it is time for the spirit to return to its truth. This is all part of the process of the purpose of our lives.

So what is Mid Life Crisis all about? Well if you understand this via the universal clock you will see that this is a dismantling process. It blows out the cocoon of the false self having you front all the programming you have set up to protect yourself. Having you realize your truth for the purpose of living out the rest of your life as a greater version of yourself.

It is in no way intended to be an easy process which I know all too well. However, it is meaningful and when embraced it provides you a platform to live on with great joy, depth and reap all the stunningness of our existence.

Pluto squared for me in 2010 – hence the dismantling and defragging of my life began. I have to admit I believe life smashed me through this time facing some of the most incredible hardships I could describe. However as a result I stepped into a greatness, I always held my faith that this was all intended.

I wrote a book because all the signs I was getting appeared to be showing me that this was the needed path to find my truth. And I truly believe that because I stuck path, almost everything folded out in the best possible way.

This book is much more for me than just a published version of 15 years of study into topics that truly interest me. It is symbolic of me successfully making it through my Mid Life Crisis.

On Monday the 27th of February Uranus finally moved forward in the universe, moving on from my own natal Uranus, and being the day that is the last of the transitions of my Mid Life.

This is why I make the Big Comment that this book saved my life … A time when so many things could have meant the end of my joy and living out a life laden in heart break, it was this greater perspective that I say – saved me.

The 1st of March was the best next numerology date to follow what marks the end of my soul transition.

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