What is the universe sending your way? Do you sometimes feel like it is a constant up-hill battle? Do you feel that it is just impossible for something good to come your way? If you feel like this, don’t despair – help is here! It is time to assess things with your Feng Shui eyes and find out how you can create positive change.

There are two ways to figure out what you are really asking the Universe to send you. One way is to examine what you are carrying around inside your head and your heart. Can you imagine having a computer print-out of every thought you think and every feeling you experience during a typical day? If you haven’t learned how to clean up your inner act, it would probably read like a laundry list of:

  • Worry and anxiety (imagining bad stuff happening to you in the future)
  • Self doubt (visualizing yourself failing)
  • Angst (re-running past bad experiences in your mind)
  • Frustration (internal ranting about stuff not going your way)
  • Negative self talk (I’m fat, ugly, a bad mom, not good enough)
  • Complaints (I’m so tired; why must I do all this work by myself?)

Remember, the Universe is always listening and providing. Here’s what you just put in your “shopping cart” and placed an order for:

  • Bad stuff happening in your future
  • Personal and professional failure
  • More events that bring up bad memories from the past
  • Plenty of conflict and struggle
  • An exacerbation of any flaws you believe you have
  • Feelings of being fatigued and overwhelmed

 Do you want fries with that?

Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) available to help you analyze how you think. NLP and other types of mindset coaching like Mental Mastery can assist you greatly in making positive changes in your inner environment.

Of course, there is another way to assess what message you are broadcasting to the Universe – and it’s actually very easy. There are clues everywhere once you learn to really look.

Each item in your home and office is a physical representation of a persistent thought or feeling, attitude, like, dislike, or habit. Taken together, these are like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to your deepest beliefs about your worthiness and ability to create what you truly desire. That’s why your current environment is another important aspect of “you” that the Universe uses to gauge what to send more of your way.

Let’s take a look at what some of your day-to-day choices may reveal about the energy you are attracting to your business.

Keeping lots of unfinished projects lying around

“I am overwhelmed and unable to complete what I start.”

Letting clutter and mess crowd the space in your office

“I don’t have clear goals or room for growth.”

Stacking bills you owe where you can see them all the time

“I have so much debt. I continually struggle to pay everything I owe.”

Working on your laptop in your bedroom or in your kitchen

“I can’t separate my work from my personal and family life.”

Wearing worn out, sloppy, or uncomfortable clothing to work in

“My business is just a hobby. I’m not really a serious professional”

Keeping broken furniture or malfunctioning equipment

“I have no abundance. My services aren’t worth much.”

Printing cheap business cards on your home printer to save money

“I can’t spend money on my business – I won’t see a return on my investment.”

Remember. Whether those statements are ever something you would actually say out loud DOESN’T MATTER. That’s still the energy you are putting out there for the Universe to pick up on.

You know the old saying “Actions speak louder than words”. It’s very true – and vibrations speak louder than words too. Plastering on a cheerful smile and saying a positive affirmation twice a day isn’t going to do you any good if your office is speaking out 24/7 with a contradictory message. Potential clients may not be able to put their finger on why they don’t want to do business with you, but they will stay away.

Imagine if you knew that you never need worry about making ends meet again..and all this knowing that you are living your life’s purpose.. the very thing that you KNOW you were put on this earth to do..

Well you can with my 90 Day Wealth and Money Mastery Program I’d love to show you how you can master your wealth in a way that is truly aligned to YOUR purpose and values.

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