Discover Your Natural Wealth Quotient, Wealth Gifts And PRECISE PATH To

Super Wealth, Money and Achievement

*Exclusively From Alisse Bradley*


 Both Oprah and Richard Branson have a high ‘Natural Wealth And Money Quotient’; It’s naturally born into their “Money DNA.” We all have a Money DNA. In other words…


You Too Have a Path to…Extraordinary Wealth.

It’s Just Not as Effortless as it is For The SUPER RICH…

You Need to Follow Your Own “Innate Wealth Blueprint


There are no consistencies in “The Real World” when it comes to money…

  • 2 Brilliant Singers: One a megastar – The other sings in the local bar.
  • 2 Jewellery Stores in the Same Shopping Centre: One is making money – The other is having a “Final Days” sale.
  • 2 Investors With Share Portfolios: One growing – The other losing money.
  • 2 men working in the same industry: One earning 3X the other…


I know we can find a story to justify each of these circumstances but it’s just not the truth.

It is A TRUTH but there is ANOTHER TRUTH.


My name is Alisse Bradley.  Let’s go a bit deeper into this…

I had to create a Million dollar business and spent over $80,000 to have RARE one-on-one access to these Multi-Millionaires…

Alisse Bradley is one of the powerful women on this planet that is here to enlighten the world with her wisdom and soften problems with her Heart and Light. As her mentor and friend I have seen how she shares generously her insights with the world. Her work will bring you to the next level of Greatness. Her tips and information will give you hope and give you tools to reach your full potential. Enlightened Regards

Marie Diamond

Feng Shui Master , Enlightened Leader and Featured teacher in The Secret

SOMETHING SPECIAL was ‘going on’ for these people and I just had to dig deep into what that was. As a result — I’ve spent the last 12 years focused on exploring wealth and money. So much so that I ended up creating my own process that I call…


“The Wealth & Money Decoding System.”


The system uses a complex series of meta-diagnostic tools, conclusions and directions to bring forth your… EXACTING PATH TO WEALTH.

This is precisely what I use in every client assessment and consultation. It’s exceptionally comprehensive. 


Imagine Knowing Exactly What to do and When to do it so
You Can Achieve the Wealth That is Naturally Embedded in YOUR… Money DNA.

After meeting Alisse at a Women’s Seminar, we employed her services to completely rebrand our business. We offer a service of ip2u Direct to Salons and we have not only increased our business over the past 2 months, but furthermore the feedback we are receiving from our clients is super positive. I highly recommend coaching with Alisse.

Debbie Majella Nolan

Founder, Door of Your Skincare

During the consultation I will…

Reveal Your Wealth and Money Quotient and How you Compare To “The Super Rich”

Plus I will…

Tell you your most Prominent Wealth Gifts & how to access them
Reveal Your Sleeping Wealth Gifts – and pinpoint exact timing and know how needed to INSTANTLY access them
Reveal Your Locked In” and “Un-integrated“ Wealth Gifts. (BRILLIANT)
We’ll discuss your wealth scores and what this specifically means for you

A higher score the more naturally wealth occurs. Lower scores need a more developed and conscious strategy to achieve wealth mastery. NOTE: Your Wealth Score is the sum of all of your Wealth Gifts. 

Pin point if you have any Wealth Gift Clusters to help you produce an “Expedited-Path-To-Wealth”, and…
I’ll explain how to strategically model someone else’s Natural Wealth Gift Cluster if yours is low


I’ll help you understand the difference between your 3D Money Reality and your 4D Reality. This will save you years            of trial and error in your 3D reality.

Your money success doesn’t generate in your material world first.It generates in an unseen dimension first. If you’re              open to it – I’ll show you exactly how to access “The 5th Dimension of Financial Flow.***This is not ‘normal’ and                          NOBODY ELSE (sincerely noooobody) will teach it to you.


The Full “Wealth & Money Decoding System” also puts in exacting detail:

Your Financial Attitude
Your Commercial Potential
Your Business Potential
Your Vocational Direction (Life Purpose)
Your Major Wealth Potential
Your Performance Wealth Potential
Your Inherited Wealth Potential

Alisse Bradley has one of the most extraordinary minds I've encountered. Her unique education and research and development in the areas of wealth creation, quantum physics and the power of thought is like none other.  Following Alisse's guidance I have made many changes in my business.  The impact of simple things like rearranging my office, adding specific colour and following her principles of wealth creation have provided me with my best financial year to date. A weekend with Alisse is priceless. Her unique wisdom and gift for communicating it in a way you can understand makes Alisse a powerful mentor

Julie Lewin

World Renowned Medical Intuitive, Julie Lewin


It naturally raises your personal vibration instantly – because you are working in the higher dimension. You’ll be able to…


“Express and Reap a Wealth Vibration!!”


SPECIAL NOTE: I will do a thorough ‘Pre Session Analysis’

We start with a strategically sequenced Questionnaire, sent to you when you register for this consultation. This enables us to have a fully tailored preparation prior to the session.


I Invest a Minimum of One Hour – BEFORE – We
Even Get to Your Consultation. It is a
VERY PERSONALISED and Thorough Approach


In this time, I’ll review information I collect from your 5th dimension assessment, wealth gifts, numbers, solar system positions and compass directions.

Our accountant came over tonight with 2 cheques to the value of $1800. Sydney here we come. We have decided to go to the Zoo before November as we now have the money. I never imagined that I would be going to the Zoo to see the first baby to be born in Australia. Amazing isn't it. I can tick another goal off my board. The girls are so excited, out of their tree. Thank you for today. You do an amazing job

Marnie Mogg

Beauty Therapist