How conscious are we of the images we choose to place in our work environment? Why have we decided to hang them there? For some of us we didn’t decide. Maybe a decorator did or whoever moved us in to the office made the decision. If you did have a hand in it, then why did you pick what you did and are you aware of the unconscious motivation behind it?

Maybe you are fully aware and that is great, because the images that hang in your work space are having a energetic conversation with you (and your clients or anyone else that comes into your environment) the entire time you are there. How interesting. So, with that ‘in mind’ let’s take a quick review of the ‘energy speak’ of some different images.

  • A train that is headed straight for you. That’s a pretty aggressive image! It can make you feel like you are under threat. In fact, this oncoming train is a good example of the type of symbolism that Feng Shui practitioners call a ‘poison arrow.’
  • What about the opposite kind of image? A desert island with a single palm tree would be a nice, peaceful scene. There’s just one problem. It’s deserted. There’s nothing in this image to suggest connection with others, only isolation.
  • Some images can be positive or negative depending on their location in your office. For example, a mountain that is hung on the wall in front of your desk is a giant obstacle. Placed on the wall behind you, it becomes a source of support and strength. It can even be a reminder of how far you have come.
  • A beautiful seascape with a ship tossed on rough seas indicates turmoil. An empty sailboat signifies loneliness. Any image with an object or animal moving away from you indicates a quality that is leaving you. For example, a ship sailing into the distance would indicate that your wealth is slipping from your grasp.
  • Trees can be a powerful image of growth and life. But a picture of a tree that has dropped all its leaves is dormant, not bursting with vitality. The green of spring and the abundant foliage of a tree during its time of greatest growth would be a much better choice.
  • Inspirational posters are a favorite selection for office décor. Unfortunately, some of the images used send a message that is in conflict with the purpose of the poster. For example, a rock climber dangling in midair might be seen as an intrepid adventurer. However, you don’t want to feel like your business venture is hanging by a thread!

Learning to speak ‘vibration’ is a whole new experience for some people. It really is like learning a foreign language. However, once you do know how, you have one of the most powerful business / communication / mindset tools you could ever imagine in your hands. Communication extends far beyond the spoken word … and the best part is … once you learn this … you can master your environment once and then just keep on spreading the exact message you want to share (with both yourself as well as your clients).

Feng Shui really is the hidden magic that separates working hard in business from tapping into ‘getting lucky’. That is why I call it easy money.

I would love to hear about the images you choose to hang in your office and what they represent to you.