You have taken the leap and started on your journey towards achieving an abundance of health, wealth, and success. How can you stay motivated, focused and ensure you keep moving towards the ultimate freedom you deserve?

On your journey to achieve and become everything you dream possible, frequent self assessment is very helpful. Looking back to see how far you have come is a powerful motivator. This is one great reason to keep a written record of all your goals. When you review them in 6 months or a year, you will be absolutely astonished at what you have accomplished. Recognizing your ability to meet your goals reinforces your faith in yourself and makes it easier to keep pressing on.

As you go through this process of self-discovery, looking back at your previous goals also serves another important purpose. When you grow and change as a person, this opens up new horizons and possibilities. A regular goal review process reminds you to keep expanding your goals to match your increasing abilities. It ensures you don’t get stuck in a “comfort zone”.

Recognize how far you have come in concrete ways. Your ever-increasing health, wealth, and prosperity is meant to be appreciated today – in this now moment. Don’t put off rewarding yourself until you have reached your long term goals. Take the opportunity to celebrate the achievement of each short term milestone as well.

This is especially important for us as business women. It helps remind us that we are working for a reason and a purpose that is more important than just checking off a “to do” list. We are working right now to make our lives better today – not just some far distant date in the future. Remember this and you will find it easy to create opportunities to share the enjoyment of your current abundance with your family, friends, and the world.

Here’s a secret: Today is the most important day of your life. You must express exactly who you are by treating yourself like a million bucks whenever you get the chance. Any item you buy for yourself is something for you to use now – not tuck away for some future time when you think you will be more deserving. Abundance doesn’t work that way. The gifts the Universe gives you are meant to be enjoyed in this now moment.

That doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself in ways that pay off over the long run. For example, starting a savings account is a wonderful gift to yourself. It serves a purpose in the now by creating a seed of wealth which will attract more and more to you. It also serves you in becoming who you want to be – a person overflowing with abundance. However, if you squirrel away every spare penny instead of investing some of it in joyful experiences and beautiful things, you are missing the point.

Here’s a great example of how NOT to reward yourself: To reward yourself for reaching a specific business goal, you buy a particularly lovely suit. However, you decide that you will save it for a special occasion. You exchanged quite a bit of money (energy) for it, so you don’t want the fabric to get worn out or accidentally ruined.

You stick the suit in your closet where it hangs month after month. In the meantime, you go to many client meetings and other business events where you could have made a powerful statement about the worth of your services and how you value yourself by wearing your beautiful suit. Instead, you keep thinking “Someday, there will be a really important event, and then I can wear it.” What a missed opportunity to express who you are and who you want to be!

Imagine if you knew that you never need worry about making ends meet again..and all this knowing that you are living your life’s purpose.. the very thing that you KNOW you were put on this earth to do..

Well you can with my 90 Day Wealth and Money Mastery Program I’d love to show you how you can master your wealth in a way that is truly aligned to YOUR purpose and values.

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