Infuse Your Stage With Her Dynamic Essence!

Alisse Bradley is a renowned Speaker and Presenter working with businesses and individuals, to introduce them to an entirely new paradigm about wealth and success. Provoking leaders and entrepreneurs to think in more powerful ways and realize that results are created on an unseen level before they can be seen, she integrates her natural strengths in communication – to speak from her heart and life experiences – empowering people to achieve and maintain the outcomes they desire.

Alisse is said to have this Special Presence only a few Speakers have!

She is a professionally trained Public Speaker, with a Graduate’s Diploma in Natural Science and an Associate Diploma in Human Science. Further to this she holds qualifications in NLP, EFT, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, Spiritual + Financial Astrology, Psycho-Synthesis & Traditional + Western Feng Shui.

Though beyond her vast background of knowledge, her veracious love of study, having worked internationally with numerous industry leaders, and her extensive experience in business leadership, what you will notice most about Alisse is she has an extraordinary heart and love for people. She connects through her incredible ability to tell her stories, from surviving to thriving, from tragedy to triumph, and from heartbreak to a deep abiding joy and zest for living out her dreams. Your audience will be transformed.  

Topics include: The Art of Business Magnetism, ‘Wealth & Money’ Mind Mastery, Turning Purpose into Profit, and The Power of Personal Presence.