Your brand is one of the most important ways you communicate the energy of your business to your current and future clients. Think about it this way: If you hire someone to go out and promote your business, it’s essential for that person to be sending the right message about you and the value of your services. In the same way, you want to use branding that sends a targeted, accurate, high-energy message to attract your perfect customers.

However, before you move forward with branding, you want to get very specific about the core of your business and not a passing fad or a surface aspect that isn’t essential.

Another critical point of branding is knowing whom you want to attract as a customer. You must know what they desire or what they see as a problem, so you can accurately describe your solution.

This information is your core Brand Message. It is the basic information you will use to choose the words, shapes, colours and designs that most accurately align with your business.

Here is an example of how I articulate my Brand Message:

My Brand Message

My service Is:  Business Coaching and Designing

The value is: I am assisting clients to increase their wealth and success by building conscious business models, deliberate energetic brands, and harmonious workspaces.

The unique value: I use ‘energy-based modalities’ and ‘Universal principles’ combined with ‘savvy Western business strategies’ as the basis of my Coaching Systems.

(This is your basic unique selling point, or what differentiates you from other businesses of your kind.)

The unique purpose: I am deeply passionate about assisting clients to design a business and a life that expresses their definite purpose and infinite potential in a highly profitable manner.

(This unique purpose comes from your ‘Definite Purpose.’ Because it is based on your deepest passion, your unique strengths and talents, and the way you desire to individually express this to the world, this is your most unique selling point. It is not something that anyone else can duplicate and it is the key to your business success and sustainability.)

My target customers are: Entrepreneurs (aged between 35 – 55 years).

Their challenge: These individuals are people who are tired of having no time, no balance, strained relationships, strained health, no meaning, no purpose, who are trading their life for money alone and no longer want to do this.

My solution (this comes directly from my Business Vision): I teach my clients how to master their personal and business vibration so they can create a business that expresses their infinite purpose and potential, and experience the freedom and fulfillment they desire.

Business Vision Restated: To connect one million entrepreneurs worldwide with true wealth by having them create a business that expresses their infinite purpose and potential, so they can experience the freedom and fulfillment they desire.

Now that you have this information clear you can get started by looking at specific fundamentals for your business branding. Millionaire Feng Shui offers a fabulous step-by-step system to do this!

I would love to hear your thoughts and any key branding messages you would like to share. Pop them in the comments box below!