Money exists to help you and not to hinder you. It is here to assist you, but one way in which it does this is by motivating you to grow.

I once read that the true ‘soul partner’ in a relationship is not the one that makes everything perfect for you. Rather, it is the one that causes you to grow the most, to endeavor to be a better person. This is what money does. Especially during your early stages of personal and spiritual development, the need for money is a very potent motivator.

Trying to figure out how to get more of it may not seem like much fun when you are struggling financially. But I guarantee that this perceived lack has made you go outside your comfort zone, improve your skills, be creative in meeting your needs, and become very persistent in moving toward your goals. What great lessons to learn! Even the lack of money has helped you develop incredible attributes that will serve you well throughout your life journey.

What about when money begins to flow more easily? If you wish to live your dreams in this world, money will be a significant player in supporting this goal. Money is the soul partner of living your dreams. It supports you in being more of who you really are. It brings out your inner adventurer, philanthropist, artist, or whatever aspects of yourself are longing to be fully and freely expressed.

Finally, money serves as a useful measure for understanding where you are in your conscious mastery and who you are being in the world. This doesn’t mean anyone with more money than you is automatically more spiritually advanced than you are. But your own improvement in finances as you move closer and closer to the path of fulfilling your soul’s purpose is a handy barometer for your life.

Easy financial flow often indicates that you are heading in the right direction – going with the flow rather than against it.

It is our need to survive that causes us to practice; it is our desire to thrive that causes us to become masters. ~ Alisse


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