This is one of the sacred agreements of money and has to do with the law of vibration since like attracts like. Certain emotions (vibrations) are correlated with certain experiences. We consider some emotions enjoyable and others less so. However, these feelings are not good or bad. They are simply there to give us information about our circumstances, our surroundings, our relationships with others, our inner landscape, and our actions. The calibration of the emotion determines whether its vibration feels expansive or detractive. For example, low level vibrations such as fear are designed to help us survive. It’s no wonder such sensations are very unpleasant and difficult to ignore, they are a warning bell. High level vibrations such as happiness let us know we are thriving. We like these sensations, so we seek to thrive like a plant growing toward the light.

However, it is important to keep in mind that pursuing a certain emotion for its own sake does not really work. Joy is simply an indication that you are living in alignment with your highest good. It is a side effect of right living and not the goal itself. You cannot be full of joy at any other moment than this now moment – you cannot stockpile it for the future. That being said, when you are living in a way that raises you to the joy frequency on a consistent basis, this vibration also attracts more of the things that make life even more en-joy-able (including money).

Imagine if you knew that you never need worry about making ends meet again..and all this knowing that you are living your life’s purpose.. the very thing that you KNOW you were put on this earth to do..

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