As you learn to treat money as a sacred expression of your own energy, you may find yourself breaking the rules of what society, friends, family, and even professional advisors tell you is the smart or conservative thing to do. Those aren’t really the rules you should be worried about. You can consciously consider them, weigh their usefulness and then accept, adapt or ignore them based on your reason and instinct.

But there is one set of rules you can’t afford to ignore under any circumstances. These are the 7 Universal Laws that govern all forms of energy, including the energy of money. If you attempt to work with money in ways that are in opposition to these laws, you will find yourself relearning the same money lessons about struggle and survival over and over instead of graduating to the next level and learning to thrive.

These laws are evident everywhere around you. They are easy to test and verify, so you don’t have to just “believe” in them. Try any of these out and observe the effects in your life. You will clearly see that they are part of the underlying physics of this reality, just like gravity or electromagnetism. These Universal Laws aren’t intended to limit you. When you understand them and work with them, you actually experience greater mastery and freedom.

Law of Transmutation – Everything is energy. This energy moves in and out of visible form based on the level of its vibration. Bringing wealth into your life is simply shifting wealth that already exists on the unseen level down into the visible spectrum of vibration.

When you understand this, you aren’t worried about how outer circumstances appear. You know that the inner work you are doing is much more relevant to wealth creation than what the economy is doing.

Law of Relativity – Meaning depends on context. We determine this context ourselves by comparing one thing or situation or experience to another. This law is especially easy to demonstrate using money as an example since the same amount of money can have such widely varying value assigned to it. Seeing a specific dollar figure in a bank account might make one person feel wealthy and another person feel broke.

This is a helpful law to align yourself with to change your perspective. When you are excited about and grateful for each dollar you receive, this attitude raises your vibration to help you attract greater wealth.

Law of Vibration – There is no stagnation in the energetic field that makes up our universe. Nothing is ever still. Everything vibrates. Those things that have a similar resonance tend to attract each other because they are connected at an unseen level. This is why a person who has figured out money consciousness tends to make money no matter what they put their hand to doing. Their own energy is finely tuned to the wealth frequency.

You can do the same if you learn to deliberately raise your vibration so that it matches the life you desire to live.

Law of Polarity – Everything has a direct opposite with an identical nature (e.g. weaknesses and strengths). One is not good and the other bad any more than one end of a magnet is good and the other bad. Finding the balance point between the two is part of the “game” we are here on earth to play.

Your weaknesses may actually help you identify your strengths since both will have the same nature. For example, you might be a very “right brained”, creative person who constantly struggles when it comes to things like detailed planning. This might indicate that you also have a real talent for living in the now. Trying to run the whole “business” side of your business by yourself would be operating from your weakness. This could be restrictive and sap the passion and energy you bring to your work.

Hiring an administrative assistant to help you stay on track could help you strike the right balance. One happy thought to keep in mind is that lack and abundance are two ends of the same spectrum. If you can do one well, you can also learn to do the other. When you shift to the prosperous end of the spectrum while maintaining balance in your mental mastery, this is truly sustainable wealth.

Law of Rhythm – In an ever moving, ever changing Universe, all things move and operate in cycles. Day and night, the four seasons, and the tides are just a few examples. In some mystical traditions, there is no such thing as an object in the way we think of the term. There are only processes. An acorn planted in the ground, the oak tree it grows to become, and the acorn that oak tree bears are different points in the same process of “tree” rather than different, discrete things in themselves.

All life moves in cycles that then join to form larger patterns. This invaluable insight will assist you in business and wealth creation. There will be times to imagine and create, times to nurture and invest, and times to let go or even destroy so that you can build something new.

Choosing the right timing to take various actions in your business means you can ride the wave up onto the shore rather than being washed under. It’s all about being able to recognize the patterns.

Law of Cause & Effect – Every action has an outcome. Every outcome prompts an action. This law is one that even the most hard-nosed materialist must admit is very, very real. Energy tends to build and grow in a feedback loop. If you’ve ever been in an argument with someone and started to raise your voice to get your point across, you’ve seen a simple example of this. The other person raises her voice, and pretty soon you are both shouting.

The same thing works with positive energy. Try smiling at everyone you meet today and see how many smile back at you. It’s a little more difficult to trace the path of cause and effect at the unseen level, but this principle is at work nonetheless. Everything you send out is on its way back to you. Use this fact to your advantage!

Consider what your business is offering to others and know that this value is coming back to you. If the energy of your business is about helping others achieve wealth, this is also what you will achieve. Having mental mastery means you can choose to be the cause and select the effect you desire to have on yourself and others.

Law of Gender – (Law of Gestation). This law is about patience and trust. It is about the in breath and the out breath. Rest and action, resistance and release. This interplay is the great mystery of the Universe in intimate communion with itself and all beings.

When you respect and work with this law, you will bring both male energy (thinking/acting) and female energy (feeling/experiencing) to play. Both are essential for planting the seed to create any new business or project. This process starts in your inner landscape. The object germinated in your thought (mind) and vibration (feeling) will manifest in the 3D world when the gestation is complete.

This knowledge allows you to relax into the process of wealth creation. You set your goals, you are certain they are on the way, and you let go and allow the Universe to deliver wealth to you.

Information is power, Conscious application is mastery~ Alisse




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