In your business, earning easy money is all about moving (as Wayne Dyer would say) from a motivation of Ambition to a motivation of Meaning. The vibration associated with “scrambling to get ahead” is very different from the vibration that occurs when you are simply expressing your infinite ability. Inspirational writer Earl Nightingale spoke of success as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. Remember that you are trading every day of your life for something. Trade these days for something worthwhile, and you will be getting a bargain!

Your purpose in life will always be something you can express in all areas of your life – including your business. After all, as an entrepreneur you are probably spending 40% or more of your waking hours on your business. It makes no sense to do this so you can do what you are really here for in your “spare time”. There is no such thing as spare time – there is only right now. Ask yourself if your business currently supports you in the following ways:

  • Developing your infinite potential
  • Sparking your creativity
  • Demonstrating your talents
  • Stoking your passions
  • Promoting inner peace, joy, and love

If not, there is either something that needs to be changed in the way you do business, or you need to change businesses entirely. Start the quest to discover your purpose by making a list of those things that motivate and inspire you (not stuff that makes you feel guilty or as if you are not doing enough). There may well be a way to create opportunities for bringing this energy into your current business.

If you would like to know a more ‘step by step’ process of discovering your Purpose and Vision for your career or business, Chapter 1 of my Best Selling Book Millionaire Feng Shui can assist you with precisely this.