What a very special day for me this is. I’m celebrating 24 years of being a mother. That’s right, it’s my eldest son Anthony’s birthday today and this is all very exciting I can assure you.
In August last year, Anthony’s practitioner called me to visit him. He told me that things were looking very dim and that Anthony was at the point (if he returned to his lifestyle even one more time) of either dying or being so mentally damaged that he would not know who I was ever again. He was asking me to come and say Goodbye to him because, as he said – ‘I am sorry. Your son is too far gone.’
As you can only imagine, this was one of the hardest days of my life. I remember sitting on the ground, weeping in a puddle, saying to my husband – ‘If he dies, I don’t think I am going to be able to live.’ So you can only imagine how grateful I am that we have arrived at this birthday with probably the best outcome possible in hand.
Happy 24th Birthday Anthony – I am so proud of you!
So, amidst all this excitement, I made the decision that this needed to be the day that I shared the long awaited news with you …
I need to tell you that I only have one consignment and there are limited copies available … plus … for my newsletter readers and followers on my blog and social media, I have created a special pre-launch price and offer that I am making first and foremost available to you today. You can check it all out here.
Do you believe in destiny?
How profound life is the way it all turns out. And why do these inconceivable and often heartbreaking thing happen to us (or maybe for us) along the way.
I wanted to share with you another reason why it was so important for me to reveal my book on this special day. In truth, if I had not travelled this journey with my son, I would never have published this book, not at all.
Background story: I first began to write this book in 2011 as I was offered a publishing deal for it. I only wrote about 60% of it when, for a number of reasons, I decided not to proceed with it.
In 2014 my son disappeared and it wasn’t until 3 months later that I found him admitted to the PA Hospital. It was the first time I knew that he had fallen to drug addiction and, as a result, suffering sudden and severe mental challenges.
That was the beginning of a 2 year run of the most horrific events I could describe.
However, in between all the traumatic occurrences, including living on the streets, my son always carried with him a Feng Shui money frog (like as if he knew something). Even in his worst states he use to stop and say to me …’ Mum don’t give up your work, you’re going to help a lot of people; you need to share your work.’
How strange for him to have completely forgotten himself and yet never forgotten ‘my work’ as he called it.
Finally, having the events of this time taking a real toll on me, I began working with an EFT practitioner, and between us we decided that I should complete this book and publish it.
Why? Because I needed something to keep my mind on track. Because I needed to remember who I was. Because nothing in the circumstantial world was helping him or the rest of my family in any way, and if Feng Shui helped me to solve my financial challenges, then could it possible help me solve this challenge.
It turned out that it could, and it did.
It was a significant (maybe the most significant) tool that I used to help my family and I not only survive something so difficult, but to also thrive. And I truly do believe we have come out even better because of it, in almost every way.
On the day that my printed books were delivered to my house, my son was so excited he skipped me around the kitchen saying – ‘You did it mum. You did it!’
And I wondered – was there something that maybe on a deep soul level that was intended from this journey? Was this book always supposed to be published to share and help other business owners just like me to truly connect with the power that they have within them?
I don’t know. However what I do know is that today, on my sons birthday, on the day that I first became a mum all those years ago. This is the perfect day to share this book with you.
I cant wait for you to read this book. It saved my life (not to be too dramatic). I cant wait for it to become a part of your world and bring to you all the wonder and empowerment that it has brought to mine. I truly feel so deeply blessed that this day has arrived and I can now share it with you.
To see what this book is all about, please click this link.