Create Your ‘Rich Business’ By Design!

What really influences a customer to do business with you? Research shows that first and foremost it is an emotional decision to purchase a product or service followed by intellectual reasoning to justify this. This is why the energy or ‘vibration’ of every element of your business is vital, because it impacts, influences and nurtures your clients’ emotional needs.

Alisse is a Certified Feng Shui Designer. She has been consulting with Individuals, Businesses and Corporations for more than two decades assisting them to create ‘High Vibe’ Brands, Environments and Images, so as to deliberately connect and communicate with their clients on an emotional or vibrational level.

Alisse integrates Western Design fundamentals with the Feng Shui framework, reaping the benefits of both worlds, and ensuring your Business stands out in the highly competitive marketplace which exists today. From a very young age she has been able to describe the emotional response associated with colors, symbols, shapes, images and the layout of designs, hence having a natural flair with creating beautiful designs, spaces and images.  As a result her clients attract more business, ensure more repeat business, make more sales, and have easier flow in all of their business undertakings.