Branding is so important for a business. It is a communication and connection tool and it is vital that it speaks the right language for your business intentions.

When you get your branding right, it increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes attracting new customers so much easier.

But why use Feng Shui to brand your business?

It’s simple. 

I use Feng Shui to a business brand because it creates a true connection of what a business owner is trying to say right from their authentic self. Authenticity in business is a ‘thing’ however how can you be truly authentic if you are not fully conscious firstly of yourself, your business and then of all the elements of the brand you are projecting (e.g. colour, shapes, symbols, layout).

I call all of this the unspoken language of your business, as if you were hiring someone to go out and share your precise message of who you are, who you care about and what you can do for them. 

I have 3 levels of coaching to offer: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each level has its strong merits and the choice you make should be made entirely upon the level you want your business to reach. The closer your customers are in alignment with what you do, the more they will benefit from what you offer; creating an ever increasing vibrational match that draws in repeated orders and attracts new customers.

Before I met Alisse, I was floating along doing stuff but not moving forward. Now I am finally really happy with my branding and business; I have been to the United States twice and Canada for the first time to further my training and passion, have become recognised amongst my peers and network team as a leader, and facilitated some major expos in Qld and NSW. I have the confidence to know that whatever I believe I can do, I will most surely achieve it. Alisse is a person who lives what she teaches. I give her my highest recommendation if you wish to bring balance, peace and prosperity in to your life

Barb Free

Live in Synergy

After meeting Alisse at a Women’s Seminar, we employed her services to completely rebrand our business. We offer a service of ip2u Direct to Salons and we have not only increased our business over the past 2 months, but furthermore the feedback we are receiving from our clients is super positive. I highly recommend coaching with Alisse.

Debbie Majella Nolan

Founder, Door of Your Skincare