“Would You LOVE to Get Total Focus on YOUR ‘Business Path’ 

So You Can (Finally) Get UNSTUCK For Good

and Hit the Ground Running?”

“In ancient times, explorers would look to the North Star to find their direction. When no other land marks were in sight, the North Star was considered the most accurate and reliable mark in the universe. Did you know YOU have your own North Star, your own DIRECTOR, and it sits inside of you as an unaltered guide of what your work/ life’s agenda really is. In this session, we will find your North Star and discover the next best step or direction for you to choose, on your fastest path to Wealth, Money, Business Success.”



What you really want to know is …

“Am I on the right track and what do I need to invest my time in next?”


This ‘strategy session’ is for you if…


  • You are overwhelmed by your current options.
  • You need help knowing what your ‘giftedness’ really is.
  • You want to make MORE MONEY and you don’t know which strategy would be most lucrative to use.
  • You want to position yourself as a leader but you don’t know what is ‘unique’ about you.
  • You have an idea but are unsure if it can be profitable.
  • You’re just starting out in Business and you want to make sure you are heading the right way.
  • You are already successful and want to know how you can maintain or increase your Success.


If you are not 100% sure and confident about your next best direction, then this consult is ideal for you

Working with Alisse has been one of the greatest drivers in boosting my career success over the past four years. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to start making real money. If Alisse gives you a piece of advice, you can “take it to the bank!”

Daisy McCarty

Brand Messaging Specialist & B2B Copywriter

Charting your North Star uses the same Universal Clock and Astra Economic Blueprint that can reveal your entire Wealth Code – so your questions can be absolutely anything you desire…


Here’s what you get in the ‘Charting Your North Star’ Consultation

  1. Questionnaire + Thorough ‘Pre-Session Analysis’ As you place your order (by clicking on one of the links below), you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire asking for your birth details and your most prominent question or block right now. I then block out time to review your questionnaire to chart and assess your individual blueprint. This means, once we get on the phone together, I have all the information prepared and ready to go. For this reason, please give me at least 48 hours notice to review your information when selecting your day and time slot.

I Invest a Minimum of 1 Hour – BEFORE – We Even Get to Your Consultation. It is a VERY PERSONALISED and Thorough Approach

 2. Personal One-On-One Zoom Consultation With Me

Once you submit your questionnaire, you will receive a Zoom web conferencing link for a 60 minute mentoring call. This call is totally focused on you. There is no need for the ‘getting to know you and your block’ because that’s all been covered by the questionnaire. We can get through an amazing amount in 60 minutes. Be prepared for a lot of aha moments!

Alisse Bradley is one of the powerful women on this planet that is here to enlighten the world with her wisdom and soften problems with her Heart and Light. As her mentor and friend I have seen how she shares generously her insights with the world. Her work will bring you to the next level of Greatness. Her tips and information will give you hope and give you tools to reach your full potential. Enlightened Regards 
Marie Diamond

Feng Shui Master, Enlightened Leader and Featured teacher in The Secret

3. MP4 Recording Of Our Consultation

After our call, you will receive a MP4 recording, downloadable through a link known only to you. This means you don’t have to take notes during our session. This recording is available for life. My private coaching clients love this feature because we cover so much in 60 minutes that sometimes their heads are spinning with ideas. This means you can access the recording at your leisure, take notes and write your action plans.

4. Priority Response Personal Email I want to make sure you get answers to all your pressing questions in the time we have together. There’s nothing worse than having an opportunity like this and thinking the next day “I wish I had asked this”. I expect you to have some major “ah-ha” moments which will open even more questions for you. I’m here to answer them for you. For 1 week after our strategy session you can send through as many questions as you like. I will review your questions each business morning (Monday to Friday) and reply within 24 hours.

Inclusive Benefit #1 (when required) – The Giant Tortoise The Giant Tortoise is a special part of this consult that is designed for when obstacles are coming up in business and you need to overcome them before moving on. We use your current environment to uncover what those unconscious blocks are and what to use to unblock them… we will look at the 3 sources of luck; soul agenda, money mind flow and environmental wealth to succeed with this. At the end, you will leave with things to carry out to persist with until you have overcome these obstacles.

Inclusive Benefit #2 (when required) – The Midas Touch The Midas touch is useful when you have something specific that you want to materialise in your business – a goal you wish to bring into reality in the fastest and easiest way. We will use actions and remedies to tap into your creative power to have your world show up as you want it to and to kick your desired goals.  

You will get answers – you will know what to do and where to go with your Business/Life – And your Success will be on Track!


This package is designed to:

  • Get you focused on the right direction/strategies
  • Prevent you from wasting time and money on the wrong strategies
  • Give you the rare opportunity to have an experienced mentor focus totally on you and your wealth path

My time is limited so I can only offer a few of these packages at a time. I usually only work one-on-one with people after an application process. My personal mentoring programs start at $5550 and I am always booked out. This is a rare opportunity to get my focused attention on YOU for a fraction of that price.


This Special Offer is available for a limited time

— Regular $695 — Now Just $330 —

Charting Your North Star

There was a time in my life when I was in my own Business – stressed, low energy, unwell and thinking there has got to be an easier way to do things – trial and error was exhausting – taking a stab in the dark was risky, timely and costly … Was there a way that I could be more connected with who I am, what my truth is, where my best money potential lies? … so I began my search – and I found there was a way. I discovered for thousands of years – since the beginning of time people had been recording the patterns of the universe and the coincidences in the events – repetition of events – just like an explorer was able to map his journey using the elements of his surroundings – that it was still the same – that we could right now do this ourselves – map out these elements and make accurate decisions. What a GIFT to us!

 P.S. Guarantee? Now naturally this is worth being skeptical about – I would not have it any other way than for you to be skeptical – because we are so used to doing things the hard way – that to think that there is a mapping system available to us – something we can have at our fingertips that can give us the answers and the directions – is quite an out there concept – so I have been trialing this in my own life now for over a decade – testing it – trialing it – challenging it – I have been working it against events, financial goals and results, body health – and many more instances – only to find that the accuracy of the direction is as accurate as following the sun – you can’t be sure of every instance along the way – but you can be sure you are well and truly on track.

If, at the end of our time together you don’t believe you have received great value, I will refund your money and we’ll still be friends. I’m taking all the risk and I’m happy to do so.

Alisse has provided for me wonderful guidance on finding the right path to wealth in line with my passion and values. I always thought that I couldn't be a successful businesswoman because I didn't have the same gutsy attitude that others had. However, having spent quite a few sessions chatting to Alisse, she has helped me define who I am and the unique gift that I can share in a way that still gets me noticed and brings clients to my business - the kind of clients that I want to work with and who want to work with me. Not only have my personal and business finances improved, the relationship with my children has also improved. Thank you Alisse, you have been a wonderful friend and coach

Karen Thomson

Founder, Pulse eCommerce