Alisse Bradley is one of the powerful women on this planet that is here to enlighten the world with her wisdom and soften problems with her Heart and Light. As her mentor and friend I have seen how she shares generously her insights with the world. Her work will bring you to the next level of Greatness. Her tips and information will give you hope and give you tools to reach your full potential. Enlightened Regards

Marie Diamond

Feng Shui Master , Enlightened Leader and Featured teacher in The Secret

Alisse Bradley has one of the most extraordinary minds I've encountered. Her unique education and research and development in the areas of wealth creation, quantum physics and the power of thought is like none other.  Following Alisse's guidance I have made many changes in my business.  The impact of simple things like rearranging my office, adding specific colour and following her principles of wealth creation have provided me with my best financial year to date. A weekend with Alisse is priceless. Her unique wisdom and gift for communicating it in a way you can understand makes Alisse a powerful mentor

Julie Lewin

World Renowned Medical Intuitive, Julie Lewin

Working with Alisse has been one of the greatest drivers in boosting my career success over the past four years. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to start making real money. If Alisse gives you a piece of advice, you can “take it to the bank!”

Daisy McCarty

Brand Messaging Specialist & B2B Copywriter

Working with Alisse helped me ‘unleash my power’ that was laying dormant within me for years. Prior to working with her, I was confused as to my direction in life and lacked self confidence. I was also unclear on ‘what’ my destiny was, though after working with Alisse, she was able to bring forth my ‘inner’ desires that I didn’t even know existed, which in turn gave me both the courage and stamina to move forward, and to bring these goals into fruition. It is an absolute pleasure working with Alisse, she has a heart of gold and is able to build a quick connection with all her clients, allowing for an amazing friendship to develop. I recommend Alisse to anyone wanting to find clarity in their life and for people wanting to take their life or career to the next level

Katrina Kavvalos

Celebrity Trainer

When working with Alisse, she makes sure that her strategies and principles are explained in plain English, this demystyfies the entire process so that you intuitively start to see for yourself what works and why

Wendy Chamberlain

Founder, Social Property Selling

Alisse, you have re-ignited my confidence to move forward in a way that truly represents who I am, a confidence to trust my inner self, and a confidence that tran-sends into the lives of others'. My sense of self is stronger than ever, and I am once again feeling happy. I am very excited for what lies ahead for me, my family and my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Karen Mudie

Reiki Master Teacher & Holistic Therapist

Alisse has provided for me wonderful guidance on finding the right path to wealth in line with my passion and values. I always thought that I couldn't be a successful businesswoman because I didn't have the same gutsy attitude that others had. However, having spent quite a few sessions chatting to Alisse, she has helped me define who I am and the unique gift that I can share in a way that still gets me noticed and brings clients to my business - the kind of clients that I want to work with and who want to work with me. Not only have my personal and business finances improved, the relationship with my children has also improved. Thank you Alisse, you have been a wonderful friend and coach

Karen Thomson

Founder, Pulse eCommerce

Alisse’s coaching has helped me with managing people, through understanding and appreciating their different personalities, and knowing how to better deal with confrontational situations. Also managing my own stress and developing workable strategies to deal with different work based situations, plus increasing my confidence and being able to relax more in my day to day life

Jane Toms

Principal and Director, DC Accounting

Our accountant came over tonight with 2 cheques to the value of $1800. Sydney here we come. We have decided to go to the Zoo before November as we now have the money. I never imagined that I would be going to the Zoo to see the first baby to be born in Australia. Amazing isn't it. I can tick another goal off my board. The girls are so excited, out of their tree. Thank you for today. You do an amazing job

Marnie Mogg

Beauty Therapist

Before I met Alisse, I was floating along doing stuff but not moving forward. Now I am finally really happy with my branding and business; I have been to the United States twice and Canada for the first time to further my training and passion, have become recognised amongst my peers and network team as a leader, and facilitated some major expos in Qld and NSW. I have the confidence to know that whatever I believe I can do, I will most surely achieve it. Alisse is a person who lives what she teaches. I give her my highest recommendation if you wish to bring balance, peace and prosperity in to your life

Barb Free

Live in Synergy

After meeting Alisse at a Women’s Seminar, we employed her services to completely rebrand our business. We offer a service of ip2u Direct to Salons and we have not only increased our business over the past 2 months, but furthermore the feedback we are receiving from our clients is super positive. I highly recommend coaching with Alisse.

Debbie Majella Nolan

Founder, Door of Your Skincare

I have been fortunate to have met Alisse about a year ago and continued to do her courses. I have found that Alisse gives much more than is usually expected. Packed with value from the time spent in her courses, the content, and her continuing support. Her great knowledge in a range of different areas and her intuition to just know how to help people make the changes they so want in their lives. I have finally made so much progress it is amazing! After going around in circles no matter how hard I have tried to move on for years. Now finally I have moved through in business, my relationships, and I have become who I am today. I am now in a place where dreams can come true! Thank you Alisse I am so grateful for all of your Support and guidance! It is exciting doing my own change. And fascinating watching those around me also moving through and finally making amazing progress! It has been an amazing time of learning! Thank you Alisse!

Wendy Skene

Alisse whatever you are doing – it is just amazing! When I turned my phone back on after our session I had a call from a fellow coach. She signed up with me immediately on my Big Coaching Pack. Synchronicity??? I am starting to think there is more to this. Not to mention I have been feeling amazing & have so much energy. I am even looking forward to exercising!! Thanx so much!!. Love & Peace

Carolyn Greer

Thanks to Alisse Bradley I am finally shifting the areas of my business and life I have been stagnate in. She has shown me how to keep the "FAITH" and "TO NEVER GIVE UP". This experience has not only enriched my life, it has also given me more understanding of how to achieve success in all areas of my life. Thank you Alisse you are truly on your path of greatness. You are brilliant and I am so in gratitude of my time with you.

Sandra Campbell

Working with Alisse has dramatically impacted my business and my life! My Virtual Assistant Business has been abundant and prosperous with bountiful opportunities ever since. I am grateful to Alisse and highly recommend her coaching if you want more prosperity, wealth, and abundance in your Business and Life

Katey Shaw

Virtual Assistant

Alisse will guide you through a life changing journey that will truly make a difference to all whom participate.

Kyla Blairs