Let’s make 2017 your best year ever; for your business, your lifestyle, your bank account, and everything else that matters to you!


If you truly wish to become financially savvy and achieve your goals, my guidance will help discover what’s standing in your way and give you the tools for getting ahead financially and personally.

I’m Alisse Bradley, Founder and CEO of ‘Alisse Bradley International’ and creator of the ‘Wealth & Money Mastery’ systems.

Through many years of working with female entrepreneurs, I have seen countless women experience overwhelm and frustration as they try to earn more money and more freedom in their business.  I take women through a step-by-step process that includes  gaining clarity with their purpose, identifying their target market, branding their brilliance as an expert and implementing strategic marketing plans and tools for success. This helps them create a sustainable, profitable and fulfilling business.

If you would like to create more income while working less hours doing what you love, please reach out via email, through social media or by signing up for my free report above – or why not do all three?

I look forward to helping you have an abundant, prosperous and wealthy 2017!


Here’s What Renowned Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin Had to Say about Millionaire Feng Shui

*Note: This video was first live-streamed on FB so quality and audio sync are affected but is now reversed for easier viewing.


The Power of an Image

The Power of an Image

How conscious are we of the images we choose to place in our work environment? Why have we decided to hang them there? For some of us we didn’t decide. Maybe a decorator did or whoever moved us in to the office made the decision. If you did have a hand in it, then why...

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The Power of Designer Branding

The Power of Designer Branding

Your brand is one of the most important ways you communicate the energy of your business to your current and future clients. Think about it this way: If you hire someone to go out and promote your business, it’s essential for that person to be sending the right...

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